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 We are basically a no-frills and user friendly hat and accessory company. We operate on an exclusively wholesale level.

Our hats are chosen with the goal that just about any woman will try this hat on and smile!! We have the same approach to our ever changing line of accessories. Every item in our line is chosen with the thought and care that every customer and retailer deserves. Our range of accessories includes a great line of sunglasses, easy and appealing hair accessories and really trendy nice scarves!!

To learn more about our line, please let us know about your store by e-mail. You can also call us directly, and we'll connect you with your local sales representative. Our Limited Editions sections (limited inventory on wonderfully priced hats and accessories) are always changing and there's always something new to see! A portion of our inventory gets donated each year to the non profit organization NAEIR which serves over 100 local charities nationwide.

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